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Avoiding Unconscious Bias: A Defined Hiring Process

Hiring decisions are some of the most important decisions to be made in an organization. We present on a approach for hiring that utilizes your choice of hiring criteria in a streamlined, structured way to evaluate candidates — from receipt of applications to selections for short interviews (formerly known as phone screenings), to selections for long interviews (formerly known as on site interviews) and ultimately for determining which candidates will get job offers. Utilizing pre-defined criteria is a great way to avoid unconscious bias, and redaction of certain information before face-to-face interactions helps with this as well. A defined hiring process also makes it easier to map out steps and effort needed, reducing the time from job posting to job offer. We’ll speak about the hiring approach Jeremy Friesen invented and how it worked for the original context, and then we’ll present on Stanford’s iteration of the hiring process, how it worked, and what we want to tweak to further improve it.


11:00 AM
20 minutes