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Living the UX: When a Web Developer develops a disability

I had been designing and developing websites for over twenty years when I learned that I had been developing a slow-growing brain tumor most of my life. After my surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, I slowly got back to the computer, learning to use assistive technology. I quickly realized there is no better way to get to know a user experience than living it. As a user, I fell somewhere between using a standard browser and needing a screen-reader. The assistive technologies I explored were clunky and incompatible with each other, and most websites I used were a mess for an “in-betweener” like me. From HTML emails to modal windows, this talk will focus on pain points for web developers at all levels and will empower designers to fix them using real-life examples. Flexibility is an integral part of building accessible, inclusive, and resilient sites for all users along the spectrum of ability. With modern CSS, it is not that hard!


1:30 PM
20 minutes