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Getting the most out of Wikibase4Lib

This three hour session will provide an introduction to getting Wikibase, the software that powers Wikidata, configured on your local machine by way of Docker Desktop. The session includes an accessible and newbie friendly introduction to using Docker on your laptop, followed by a necessary (though not overly technical) delineation of the unique technology stack that makes up the Wikibase linked data system.

After we have walked through the Wikibase installation steps, we will provide an overview of features and functionality of a local Wikibase. The following configuration tasks will be covered: account management features – including adding users; importing items and properties from Wikidata; a demonstration of configuring and using the Wikibase query service; using OpenRefine with arbitrary Wikibase installs; recent advances in federated property use by the Wikibase ecosystem. This session will make use of the latest Wikibase Docker install documentation: Wikibase/Docker - MediaWiki.

The final hour of the workshop will be reserved for independent work, question and answer time, and general troubleshooting for your newly installed Wikibase instance!

Learning Objectives: Participants will learn about using Docker Desktop and thereafter how to install, configure and use a Wikibase instance using Docker.

Attendee Requirements: Attendees should have a working computer, be comfortable working on the command line, and have conceptual understanding of SPARQL, the basis for the Wikibase query service. To participate, bring a laptop (and a power cord) with Docker for Desktop installed and updated to the latest version.



9:00am - 12:00pm
Eastern Time
Hayes Hall, UB South Campus - Room 402